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Dawos pays close attention to the needs of customers, increases the efficiency and environmental protection of air purification equipment systems and solutions, greatly improve the use of compressed air purification system, increase the reliability of the system, optimize the air quality!

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Energy Conservation

Focus on the screw air compressor for 33 years to create an industry energy-saving brand. At the same time, the procurement of product parts, assembly of air compressors and assembly of compressors are all performed in accordance with the requirements of Davos headquarters to ensure that each manufactured air compressor has high quality, high performance, energy saving, and environmental protection.


Advanced Technology

Kunshan Dawos Mechinery Co., Ltd. a subsidiary of Belgium Dawos Ltd., is located in the Chengbei Industrial Park in Kunshan City. Its products are synchronized with European and American markets. The company has introduced the latest technology of Belgium Dawos air compressors.


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Has a screw research and development team. Strong technical force, complete production and processing testing equipment, is a scientific, industrial and trade integration professional dedicated to research and development, manufacturing general machinery science and technology enterprises.


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Network direct marketing, eliminating the intermediate links, the biggest profit to the customer, really let you save money, and effectively save you purchase costs.



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Intimate service, the Chinese region promised to arrive at the scene in 2 hours with a high starting point, high standards and high demands as the guide, with high cost performance and high quality to return customers' love and support for us.

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  • DR bipolar compression screw air compressor

    DR bipolar compression screw air compressor
    Each can achieve a level 1 energy efficiency
    Key Points for Class 1 Energy Efficiency in DR Bipolar Compression Screw Air Compressors:
    A Compared with single-stage compression, the bipolar compression trend is closer to the most economical isothermal compression. In principle, bipolar compression can save 15-20% compared with single-stage compression.
    Using a bipolar compression master, two sets of DWS screw rotors of different sizes are used to achieve a reasonable pressure distribution. Reduce the compression ratio of each compression, low compression ratio there are two special points: one is to reduce the internal leakage, improve the volumetric efficiency; the other greatly reduces the bearing load, improve the bearing life, extend the host Life expectancy.
    B World leader in rotor profile efficiency

  • DR bipolar compression screw air compressor

    DR bipolar compression screw air compressor
    DR double-stage compression permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor
    Two-stage compression Each stage pressure ratio is reduced, so the leakage between the rotor seals is greatly reduced, improving the head volume efficiency;
    A Compared with the single-stage compression, the two-stage compression air compressor cools the compressed high-temperature air by the oil injection, and the air is subjected to the isobaric compression, thereby reducing the secondary suction temperature, and the entire compression process approaches the isothermal compression, lowering Compression power consumption
    B With the same power air compressor, two-stage compression compared to the single-stage compression, the theoretical exhaust capacity can increase up to 8 to 15%, corresponding to save 8 to 15% of energy consumption. When continuously operating at full load for a long time, the cost-effectiveness ratio is the best;


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Kunshan Dawos Mechinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 and headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. For many years, Kunshan Dawos Mechinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the development and production of compressors. Its products include fixed screw compressors and mobile screws. Compressors, centrifugal compressors, medium and high pressure compressors, air dryers, precision filters, etc. are widely used in various industries.

Kunshan Dawos Mechinery Co., Ltd.  is located in the Chengbei Industrial Park of Kunshan City. Its products are synchronized with European and American markets. The company introduced the latest technology of Belgium Dawos air compressors. At the same time in the procurement of product parts...

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